Saturday, October 27, 2012

Morning Market and Breakfast in Hatyai

On the last day in Hatyai, morning call was 6 am.
Then we gathered outside the hotel to be taken for breakfast.
It was still dark!

 Early morning roadside vendors were already doing a roaring trade.
 This girl sold Chiengmai peanuts...
others sold pulut rice and glutinuous rice wrapped in leaves.
 the dimsum breakfast place was still closed to us..
 and chef was busy preparing the food for us
 dim sum!!
 table setting
 the calm before the storm!!!


Wow!!!! everybody was hungry!!!

 Bak Kut teh

 Plenty of choices!!!

 This meal is free from the tour group!!!
After gobbling down breakfast, we hurried to the market!!!
For last minute shopping!!!
 Have you seen such happy and smiling sales people???
 taufu in soya sauce
 chwee kueh
 tau sar phneah and crispy sesame bread, RM2 per packet
 offerings for Nine Emperor Festival the next day
 well stocked stall
 all sorts of food for economy rice (chap fan)
 Like Malaysian Indian garlands!
 crackling pork skin for sale! I haven't seen or tasted chee yau char
ever since polyunsaturated fats became in vogue
 she had packets of soup and mee too
 I don't know what.....just looked like a nice photo opportunity to me
 I bought these and ate them one per day, Emelda steamed it for me in the electric rice
cooker, she said the wrapping leave and oil from the pulut imparted a nice fragrance to the rice she cooked.
 Roses! Like Petaling Street
 so much kueh!! I wonder what time she got up to cook and pack them
 more garlands for praying
 Everywhere there are young girls making offerings and asking penance from the roadside monks
 grilled fish like our ikan bakar
 she has to buy the tray shown in one of the pics above and offer them to the priest monk
 you feel safe from pickpockets or worse, purse snatchers like in KL with the presence of these
security men at street corners
 what is she making???
 Yau Char Kwai!!! (dough cruets)
 Hatyai version is short and cute and totally crispy and chewable!!
We had them in the bus!!
 She fried them right here on the roadside.
 Happy aunties! Shop till they drop!!!
 Everything on us are from Hatyai!!
people busy shopping, I? Busy snapping photos and posing!!!
 So fun!!!
 Roadside fashion!!!
 Sandwich seller
 If not for the dimsum breakfast, I would not mind trying these.
 Spoilt for choice....
 Happy Hatyai Aunties
 Do you like street fashion? Ha ha ha...I bought a simple blouse, I am not into these colourful, flamboyant flouncy and frilly style!!!
 Tut tut in front of Hatyai building in Hatyai town
 Not chicken....pigeons?
 like our pasar malam
 Still choosing, one for grandma, one for aunt, one for granddaughter....
 this grandma had a cute sidewalk titbits stall
 and created an oasis of green with lotus in earthenware pot and an easy chair
 RM10 and Rm20 cheap cheep cheep cheep...
Sorry no trying!!! You need  a reed-thin figure to fit into these!!!
Only RM30 for each dress!

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