Sunday, October 7, 2012

I perform "El Loco Mambo:!!!

At Jenny's Birthday Line Dance Party, Jenny got our BK group to
perform El Loco Mambo!!!

 Jenny is the one in blue skirt and white sequinny halter top, the rest of us are in black tops.
 They are all tall, young, leggy, slim!!!!!! (except me...hehe)

 My awesome costume that I did not do justice to!
 Jenny added the top tassels at the waist, this one in orange, the rest in blue, pink, yellow and red to match the other skirts.
 then she painstakingly sewed in the hanging individual sequins one by one, for all of us.
It is in soft, netted delicately fragile fabric with serrated ends.  Comes in blue, pink, yellow, fuchsia.
You can get it from Berjaya Times Square for RM20 without the sequins and waist tassel belt.
My daughter gets it next, to wear with her ballet leotards.

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