Monday, October 8, 2012

Jenny's Birthday Linedance Party

 This my new line dance teacher and today (6 October) is her birthday and she had it at Crown Palace Restaurant, Sri Petaling
 Red Sembonia bag and matching wallet from us, the BK5 group
 cute little girl who can do all the line dances just by watching us
 Jenny has an enviable figure because she conducts line dancing and forgets to eat
 her birthday outfit before she changed to the above top and shorts ensemble
 this is the BK5 group
 this pic is taken after we took off our little El Loco Mambo skirts

 the Tempua group performed Cha Cha Mambo
 this restaurant has a dancefloor with wall to wall mirror and is popular with linedancers for parties
 my group has a lot of pretty, young, tall and slim dancers!!
 birthday kiss from her hubby while her mum looks on

 cake from us, the BKs

Her family

Her husband and son

 see, how trim she is!
 Agnes, her sister-in-law is young, beautiful, fair, tall, dances like a dream and has 4 young children!!
 sumptuous dinner
 Oppa gangnam style!!! can you spot me in orange skirt somewhere behind? I hid behind as they were taking videos!

this is her third costume change...for our El Loco Mambo performance

 Jenny leading the dance
 clutching her gifts happily

 Birthday girl

 Lucky draw aided by Agnes

her supporters and helpers

 Kit and Bengjie in colourful costumes

 It was a successful party and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

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