Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence in House at the End of the Street

Last night Papa and I went for the preview screening of 
House at the End of the Street,
starring Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot

 collecting my tix from the Cinema Online booth
 I have been reading Cinema Online since it was in
hardcopy in 1997
 Now it is completely on online format, but you can still get tickets for free viewing
 Jennifer Lawrence the poster girl from Hunger Games
 me, the poster girl from Hunger for Fame
this deck is 5 floors up and juts out providing perfect Kodak moments
 Coach bag is from Au Yeong's boutique: on Facebook

 Shows are always at Cathay e@Curve

 It was revealed that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t actually singing in the “House at the End of the Street” music video and instead, she’s lip syncing.
According to an exclusive by Showbiz, “the filmmakers dubbed in a version from session musician Sarah Rayne, so Lawrence is essentially lip-synching here.”
 Lawrence’s version wasn’t half bad and nearly made the cut, but filmmakers felt Rayne’s sound fit the scene and character better.”

One minute she is strumming her guitar and singing, the next she is attacked by an undead girl and dragged down the trapdoor....

Check it out below and figure it out for yourself.
Source: Yahoo! Movies
Hot Jennifer Lawrence

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