Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hatyai Market

In the morning, right outside the hotel where our buses are parked,
make-shifts stalls suddenly sprung up overnight!

 all sorts of scroungies and clips for your hair
 delicious mini dumplings like our meatless "chang"
temporary stalls of clothes, jeans and shorts for your pick
right next to the bus
 the biggest dumpling and the cute bite sized yau char kwai

 gigantic buns
 offerings for prayers
 black pulut or glutinous rice (black)
 white glutinous rice with salted egg yolk
ready packed mee soup
I don't know what this is, looks black!
nasi lemak!!!

friendly street vendors ready with a smile for me: I do not have to take photos secretly!!!
 tut tut driver also has a smile for me

 they also celebrate nine god festival (kiew wong yeh)
 fruits to rival Petaling Street
 flowers to rival Petaling Street
 biscuits galore

 we bought a lot of these home
 young hawkers
 alm seekers
 busy, busy!!!
 longan herbal drink
 all manners of drink coolers

 everything is readily packed
 now for some posing myself

 my tour group members doing some serious bargaining
 street market scene
 wet market
delicious sesame biscuits that I bought home...RM2 per packet: crunchy munch!!!

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