Friday, October 26, 2012

Taste MIGF 28 Sept 2012 (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival)

I am such a busy woman, I have gone behind in my blogging!
This Taste MIGF post should have been done last month, and October
is already tapering off, before I saw this folder of pictures...

 Taste MIGF (Malaysia Gourmet Festival) has been on fro many years, but this is the first time they have actually brought all the chefs and restaurants together at Sunway Pyramid Convention centre for you to taste their gourmet offerings.

 These VIP guests were lucky to be invited to the launch...
 I liked the block candles decor that functioned as a partition
 I also like all these block that served as food holders
chefs waiting for the dinner session, lunch was already over

 some early food were already available beforet6 oclock
 Westlake chef taking photos
 Westlake Garden offered an array of dim sum
 chefs posing for me
 my favourite: macaroons
 you can pay for these with coupons

 coupons are in denomination of RM5 and RM10 or RM50 for a booklet

 My student called me, he interns at Bintang Royale
Sunway Convention Centre
 Spotted Chef Wan, he was so busy he exhorted us to take photos together, not one by one!!
Then I walked around the "market"

 Wow! Rock oysters
3 for RM20!
 I have never seen such gigantic edible clams!!

 Smoked ocean trout going for RM per tray
 The shop is in Bangsar
 the Korean stall with....
 what else but kimchi?????
 saffron pudding
 from the Iranian stall
all sorts of cheeses for you to try,
sorry, I don't know how to name them
 I also do not know how to discern the taste!!

 loved the crackers though!
mouldy blue cheese that surprisingly tasted good!!
 The Harrods stall offering English afternoon teatime delights!!

 Patchi chocolates
 Beautiful but pricey Patchi packing
 View of the market
 Then I went back to the food and restaurant section where more food was being served
 The Japanese restaurant actually had a mini bridge that functioned
 Japanese food
 Beautifully decorated food
 Zen like and spartan in decoration
 See how spartan? Only one prawn lost in a gigantic plate....very artistic though!
 Sashimi of different fish
 ??? what, I do not know!

 Meat served on a dry leaf....
 People already buying and tasting the food
 Before I left, I took another angle of the block candles and their metal stands..awesome
 Novel way to display food...a see through persplex pyramid with food stands
 I went home to the gourmet dinner my maid cooked for me.
See you next gourmet festival!!!

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