Monday, October 29, 2012

Haatyai Ice Cream

Everytime we wait at the immigration or the factory, we will take 
the chance to sample Haatyai Ice Cream!!!

 Many stalls can be found, but the ice-cream stall is the most "laku"
 See? Everyone is jostling for an ice lolly

 actually there are fruit stalls with the sweetest pineapples!!

You really gotta try these mini pineapples!!! Juicy! Sweet!
 Hot boiled peanuts. But the ice-cream stall is the most popular.....
 Watch how he prepares the ice cream...
 Not unlike our ice-kacang
 with nuts, chendol, cubed jelly, etc, etc

 there...RM2 only
 this girl makes ice-cream non-stop because the aunties are so demanding
 this orange shirt girl has ten siblings (not all on this tour) and she gets ices for them FIRST!!!
after the plain scoops of ice-cream, she adds the toppings

 which also include pulut rice!!!
 Happy aunties enjoying Haatyai ice-cream!!!
 we are very happy and "very enjoy"!!!!
another version of Haatyai ice cream.  Try it!!!


Ryan said...

so enjoy, so fun!

Ryan said...

so enjoy, so fun!