Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting ready for Jenny's Party (Colour and Boots)

Following the dress code and theme of Jenny's Party: Colour and Boots:
we got ready and I went to Sian Tee (Sandy)'s  house to car pool...
Sandy and Sweetalice were busy sticking false eyelashes so I posed around the house

Ka Jen the little boy took photos for us..
Sweet alice and Sandy are ready at last!!
They are fluttering their eyelashes!!
Alice. Xin Wei and me...
 Sweetalice is zany and crazy as a friend!!
 after our costume change, we were mostly in black
 I never thought I could ever perform!!!hehe!
 I also never thought I could wear a mini skirt with my humoungous bottom and dumpy legs!!
 Colour and Boots?
all of us are from Puchong
 girls from Jenny's two classes: the Tempua and the Bandar Kinraras.....
 Jenny and me
For many days after, the FB group were buzzing with her photos.....

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