Thursday, October 11, 2012

When You are the First Person Your Students call on Results Day

Dawa Law Wai Kar got first class honours!

Dhilip made the Dean's List with a CGPA of 3.6:

my finals results just came out!
i passed all my 6 papers!

Wow!!!!! Congrats !!!!
 · 11:14pm
and i'm one of the top scorer
im in the dean list
cgpa 3.6
i cant believe it

 · 11:15pm
so now you must treat me lah!!

 · 11:16pm
no problem!
i took grammar, introduction to linguistics, phonetics and phonology, language learning theories, sun zi's art of war and business strategies and p.moral

October 15, 2012
Dawa achieved first class honours in the Bachelor of Applied Business Computing – an especially difficult feat for this particular programme
Achieving first class honours for any undergraduate degree is never an easy feat, but two very different personalities from very different backgrounds managed to do it for an IT programme at SEGi University, which posed the toughest Year 3 for all its students. Congratulations to Law Wai Kar Dawa and Chan Yen Yen!
Dawa, a 23-year-old IT whiz who graduated this year, was a recipient of the Star Scholarship Fund which enabled him to study the University of Sunderland Bachelor of Applied Business Computing three years ago at SEGi University.
Of the entire batch of students of the Bachelor of Applied Business Computing since it was offered at SEGi University, he and Yen Yen were the only ones to obtain first class honours. When asked why this is so, Dawa explained that the final year of the programme was really tough and the external examiners were also very particular with exam candidates’ grammar.
Speaking of his SEGi experience, Dawa holds fond memories of his yesteryears at SEGi. He attributes his academic success to the dedicated lecturers of his class who truly cared about their learning, even beyond classroom hours, giving them motivation and counseling when they needed it.
Dawa was never an outstanding student at school, but he had a real talent for understanding and mastering anything to do with computing. His childhood interest in computer games burgeoned into a deep desire to learn more and more about information technology. His frequent visits to the cyber café piqued his curiosity about gaming servers. “One day the cyber café needed someone to manage the server and I offered my services, which the manager took up and was pleased that I could actually do it,” said Dawa who was at that time only a teenager.
He is currently a Software Engineer, enjoying every bit of his work as he is doing something he loves. Day to day challenges include creating and developing software for business enterprise applications. Dawa had a clear vision in mind of his career choice in life. “I used to do my own research at home; learning about different software and other topics not taught in class,” said the determined Dawa.
He says that students need to possess the drive to constantly learn beyond what is in the textbooks, to create a portfolio for themselves. This, he says, is extremely helpful during job hunt. He urges IT students to always keep themselves abreast with the constantly changing technologies.
While studying at SEGi, Dawa was also an active member of the Malaysian Independent Developer Community (MIND); a common ground for IT enthusiasts from all levels of expertise to brainstorm and share knowledge. His membership with MIND helped paved the way for an opportunity to secure the current position he holds.
Chan Yen Yen, 22, received the High Achievers’ Scholarship awarded by SEGi University after obtaining flying colours in the Foundation course. With this scholarship she was able to continue with her studies in the IT degree, as she is the third in a family of nine children.
A quiet person by nature, Yen Yen never once thought she would excel in the field of IT. She did not have the many years of IT exposure and experience such as Dawa, but she decided to challenge herself to master a subject that was alien to her.
It was a real uphill struggle for her, but the young woman of unflinching determination managed to attain first class honours and is now a Software Engineer.
Taking a walk back to her years as a student on campus, Yen Yen reminisces the times she spent with her lecturers. She replied with an astounding YES to the question if she would recommend SEGi University to others.
"It is an amazing place to study; the lecturers are very approachable and dedicated - they have really helped me throughout my studies."
Yen Yen worked hard and smart and would not settle for anything but the very best in all her endeavours. She said that students should keep motivating themselves and never give up. She says, “Just try your best, no harm in trying.” 

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