Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Graduation day for Form 5 and Form 6 20 Oct 2012

My form 6 class has graduated!
The grand event was held at Grand Seasons Hotel in October
This are both the PPU A 1 and 2 (Program Pra Universiti Atas: Upper Pre University Programme)

From Izzaty's FB

My Muet class


Talented duo perfroms Love Story by Taylor Swift
The Form Fives
The teachers
The administrators

The FOOD!!!!

Students filing to recieve scrolls
Blue sequinned Baju kurung and blue Coach bag to match my gown
Uploaded this Coach bag and wallet picture for Hafilah..
My gown...I feel I am graduating again!!!!

these pictures are from Yazit's album

Lest we forget..these are the graduating class of 2012
 Chan Ming Ho
 Ilanur Azura Bt Abu Zuhairi
 Mohd Farhan Bin Mohd Fazli
 Norshakina Bt Kias @ Alis
 Nor Izzaty Bt Mohd Jefferi
 Nor Hidayah Bt Zulkarnain
 Mohd Rapizan bin Ab Rahman
 Mohd Farhan bin Mahusin
 Muhammad Arif bin Yusof
 Mohd Nadzmi bin Md Padzi
Noor Farahen bt Albar
 Nurul Azira bt Aziz
  Nuraimi Amanina bt Shaipul Bohari
 Mohd Shah Firdaus bin Nasir
 Azyan Diyana Bt Azhar
 Wan Siti Fatimah bt Wan Azli
 Syazana bt Muhammad Shafie
 Ros Atikah Bt Roslan
 Beautiful Ros Atikah
 Nurul Hazlin Bt Hanafiah
 Mohd Zulkamal B Mad Deli
Muhamad Nashir B Khairudin
 Farhan - close-up
 Nash - close-up
 Beautiful Azyan
 Pretty Aimi

Did not Attend: 
Firdaus Abas
Mohd Sobri b Yusof
Nurain Mohd Nasri


filah_ismail said...

I can't see your blue coach since the colour blends with the blue robe.. :(

Keunlu said...


I have uploaded the blue coach,
and extra pictures of the graduating form 6 students for your viewing pleasure! said...

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