Friday, October 26, 2012

Great food ideas!!!

"Bún cá" - such a delicious vermicelli noodle soup with fish from Vietnam! Don't forget to try it when you visit us! :)

Bun ca is a relatively unknown noodle dish from the region of Nha Trang that utilizes the abundance of fish from Nha Trang’s bay.It’s a simple vermicelli noodle soup often with a large steak or filet of meaty white fish as well as fish paste meatballs. The broth is pork or chicken stock sweetened with pineapple and tomatoes.

Bun Ca
Grabbing some Fruit Salad with Herb, Citrus, Mint-Maple, or Basic Syrup for dessert!

Vampire Caramel Apples for Halloween! :D

Peaches & Cream Crepes for breakfast

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Coffee Filter Spiderwebs for DIY Halloween Decorations

*You can also place it on top of a chocolate frosted cake, dust with powered sugar and then remove it. You'll then get a spiderweb on your chocolate frosted cake!

pic via Pinterest
Breakfast, anyone?
Turkey and Avocado Sandwich with Alfalfa Sprouts


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