Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Buffet Lunch at Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental

The next day, we checked out of Mandarin Oriental 
and headed to Mosaic
 for our buffet lunch, on the house.

 One of the best all-day dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Mosaic serves a delicious mix of local and international cuisine, complemented by interactive live cooking stations and a large dessert bar.
 We had a window seat 
with KLCC view
Overlooking KLCC Park, the restaurant’s elegant interior reflects the Peranakan culture with intricate hanging pewter lights and beautiful mosaic walls. In addition, Mosaic has two semi private dining rooms, seating up to 10 guests each.
Presented in cast iron pans, woks and copper pots or served in individual portions, dishes include Indian classics such as tandoori chicken, Japanese sushi and sashimi, and Chinese dim sum and stir-fries. To complete the experience an open kitchen offers authentic barbecued specialities. 
saw this boy photographing every section!
pak cham kai, squids and rost chicken
salad bar

surveying the food first
lots of purees and gravies and spices for the Indian section

raw and marinated meat for barbeque
chinese herbs...tong quai
Teo Chew fish soup!!! with lots of fish bladder the way kong kong will make!!

sashimi..smoked salmon 
clams and prawns (big heads!!!)
Mosaic Seafood Counter: flower crabs,  prawns,

clams, oysters, mussels
cold cuts platter

what he took
what I took!!!! hehehe!!!

kiasu me must take my money's worth....nearly half a dozen of oysters for me to shoot down

These are the fantastic desserts

Then they refilled the sashimi platters that everyone was grabbing....
so this is my second plate...
my last plate
I ta pau-ed the nuts
And only had ONE piece of dessert: pistachio choc delight...
so delightful!!! wish I could have the macarons, pralines, layer cakes, cheesecakes....choc truffles......

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  1. Mosaic @ Mandarin Oriental- Sense of Place
  2. Address: Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    Phone:03-2179 8885
  3. Pictures from their website 

  4. MY review: fantastic selection and choices, come with a partner who loves food and who let you eat as much as you want!!!
  5. Cost of buffet : RM108 + + per person.

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