Monday, June 30, 2014

Handover Dinner, 26 June 2014

The Handover dinner was held at Moon Palace, Puchong

 This is our special room

 21 of us attended the dinner
 first course
 the appetiser or 4 seasons creatively displayed
 double boiled soup was served next
 chicken infused with chinese herbs....many restaurants are veering away from shark fin soup

cod fish with wood fungus
 crispy chicken skin with fish cake
 yam basket (cut and flattened with fresh scallops and chicken/capsicum/cashew nuts
 I am used to seeing the yam basket, but this is much easier to eat, you don't need to break the basket
 vegetables swimming in soup
 with whole pips of garlic and served in a wooden rice tub (to me it looks like a rice tub)

 tower of fried rice
 my members
 dessert is longan and sea cocomut soup and mochi
 refreshing cold tong sui but mochi was thick with little filling
 looked tempting though
 then came the certificate presentation
 these two are so happy to get their certs...
 appreciation for their hard work in their capacity as secretary and treasurer, respectively
 so camera shy!!!
 covering his face fully!!!
 peeping!! are you done yet? he asks me
 Uncle Poh also wants to take a pic

 posing happily
 me too!! hehe

 she even got a plague from the president
 President's award!!!

 me? I got for being a RTN.....(roving tireless any number of photos)
 the incoming president
Thank you for handing over the presidency to me, he says.....

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