Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blended the Moive Preview Screening

On 10 June 2014 we went for a movie date again:
Preview Screening of Blended
TGV One Utama
Free Tix to Blended
I thought it was a sequel to "50 First Dates" that I had
watched with my first daughter (free tix too) 10 years ago
but it wasn't, it was a totally new story

Now that my daughter has forged a new life for herself in a new land,
I and my partner have the luxury of going for movies, just the two of us!!

Muah, muah!!!! the characters in the movie (the older man always making out with his younger, buxomy new wife)
had similar painted faces like these in the resort of a South Africa safari.
Catch Bella Thorne and the other young co stars in a scene from this movie: a harmless, fun, family movie

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