Monday, June 30, 2014

Coffee with the Girls..SHE-er Club

Hmmmmm..let's see, I have the Line Dancing group, I am very into the Rotary Club now, and apart from that I also have coffee mornings, lunch club and interests talks with the International women's Association. Oh yes, not to mention my sojourn overseas: Melbourne, Japan, Beijing,
and local trips like Seremban, Penang, Tanjung Tualang.
I am quite a busy retiree, no?
Since April, too I have another Girls' Club!!!!
The SHEer Club

SHEER Women is a collaboration between a group of like-minded women, consisting of professionals, homemakers, business owners who believe strongly in women empowering women.  We seek to create a safe, fun and relaxed space for women to engage in relevant conversations, relate to each other's stories and encourage each women to be more of ourselves in the best way possible...

haha! wow...great words!! written by Terry the lawyer, and the other girls who are businesswomen and diplomats' wives!!!
So, this is a combo pic of our inaugural meeting in April
29 April 2104.....You Are Special
getting organised is not  an easy job!!!
There!!! Quite a good turnout, I must say for an inaugural meeting!!!
These are the brains behind the club
and they are a cross section of Malaysia's diverse races!

First, I must show you the food!!!!
Colourful buns in soft pastel shades of light green, baby-girl pink, romantic peach and sunshine yellow
 when you bite it, the filling is the same colour as the bun outside and in corresponding flavours too
yellow: sweet corn
green: pandan
pink: red bean
peach: lotus bean paste

bi hoon
 and of course, coffee and tea!
 girls helping themselves 
 and bonding
 all races, all ages, all professions of girls
 a welcome change from my usual school meeting where we have serious educational issues to discuss, here there is no minutes to write, no action to follow up and best of all NO PAPER WORK!

 Terri is one of the organisers, she is a lawyer
 you can see the rapt attention as she explains why we take pains to meet here every month

Today's theme is "We are special" so she has arranged for a few speakers who have special attributes
 a diplomat's wife...she did not manage to pursue her own education and career as a teacher as she had to uproot herself to accompany her husband the diplomat to all corners of the earth
 yet she acquired life's skills along the way and attained more education and experience that the average woman like you and I
Next was Jean who single handedly brought up a daughter who is now a successful doctor
she went through hard times, heartaches, highs and lows, abandonment, mental abuse and had to reinvent herself
 How she looked like once upon a time
 as she is now, with a makeover, a dramatic comeback and a clean break from her ex husband and past....

I found that it was fun and different way to spend a Tuesday morning and the one hour was an eye opener for me rather than sitting at home, I had opened my mind to how others lead their live....

Then I went for Fried Sauce Noodles Lunch (like Beijing) with Elaine, who introduced me to the club.
 recommended in Esquire Kitchen
 It was priced at RM10.90
 we chose the Happy Single Set with drink for RM11.90
 How the Fried Sauce Noodle was presented
Verdict: Pales in comparison to the Beijing Fried Sauce Noodle
Did not even come close and it was not the same taste
No, I would not recommend it!
 My friend Elaine.

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