Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shangrila La Mother's Day Tea for IWA

Gosh!! Look at the amount of food we had!!!

 Everyone had their own three- tier cake stand of tea time delectables.  
There were two types: Asian and Western.  I had  Western of course.
 The Western tea selection...
 Top tier: strawberry tartlet, choclate cake and rock bun
 2nd layer: scones, fresh cream and jam (bitter orange or apricot)
3rd layer: tuna, egg and salmon sandwiches.
this is the Asian tea

 roti jala, curry chicken, keropok lekur
 kek lapis, chendol, onde onde
 Indonesian layer cake, apam balik and cekodok
 Shangrila, Kuala Lumpur...RM70 each
me in white with the International ladies, but half my table were Malaysians.
Guess, what, they ordered the Asian tea, were not satisfied and ordered Mee Mamak!!!
We had tea at Lemon Garden

It was the rainy season and rain pelted on the glass walls but it created a wet rainforest look.  I was anxious, though, about the traffic jam and floods...would I be able to get home past the office crowd????
But, I had a fantastic time!!

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