Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TDS 17th Ballet Competition '2014 (coached by Amare Dance Academy) girls

These are the girls from Amare Dance Academy who took part in the
TDS 17th Ballet Competition

Amare Dance Academy

Pei Chyn, Joelle Chan, Jacy Chen, Yang Dina Khistina, Hui Yin Kho, Carmen See Jia Min and Jenn Lin Tay

The Dance Society of Malaysia 2014 competition
Date: 30 May - 1 Jun 2014

Participant: Cat 3 - Victorya Lee
Cat 2 -Yang Dina Khistina, Pei Chyn, Carmen See Jia Min,  Jenn Lin, Hui Yin Kho, Joelle Chan
Cat 1 - Jacy Chen

Finalist: Cat 3 - Victorya , Cat 2 - Pei Chyn & Hui Yin and Victorya won!!!

The school tuned up to support the 3 finalists on June 1st 2014... Pei Chyn , Hui Yin and Victorya

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