Monday, June 2, 2014

Chilling Video of girl being led away by man before being found decapitated

Eat your dumplings first and enjoy it before you see this post.

A few nights ago before I went to sleep I logged on to FB and saw some sickening news on NST.....
"girl found dead in Gombak River with head beside her"

The next few days pictures of her, her killer, her mother, and her video dominated the news and the Facebook.

Netizens disturbed by video posted showing girl trying to run away from her abductor before being led away by him

(The man had abducted Siti Soffea Emelda, who was two-and-a-half years old, from the Kota Raya shopping mall in the city on Thursday.....NST)

body of girl found 
news in the Malay dailies

The body of the man believed to have abducted and decapitated a toddler at the Klang River in Kuala Lumpur seen floating near the banks of Sungai Petaling Jaya in Sunway, Selangor, today. – Pic courtesy of Malaysia's Fire and Rescue Department, May 31, 2014.The body of the man believed to have abducted and decapitated a toddler at the Klang River in Kuala Lumpur has been found after a two-day search.

Sources told Malay Mail that police had established the suspect’s identity and he is believed to be a former convict, aged 27. - See more at:
leaked pic of him...young enough to be my students and children's age....what a depraved, deranged, desolate life he led, did he crave and lack parental love and guidance?

“The suspect had a record for several offences, including drug-related offences,” said a source. “He was released from Kajang prison just a few months ago.” - 

gruesome pic of his end

Kes Bunoh Membabitkan Kanak-Kanak.
Kes Bunoh Membabitkan Kanak-Kanak.
Pada 29.5.2014 jam 9.00 malam, pihak polis telah menerima satu panggilan telefon dari orang awam, memberitahu telah ternampak seorang lelaki, sedang cuba untuk melemaskan seorang kanak2 di tepi Sg. Klang berhampiran dengan Station KTM Jalan Tun Sambathan, Kuala Lumpur.
Bertindak dari maklumat tersebut sepasukan polis yg tiba di tempat kejadian telah menemui seorang kanak2 berusia lebih kurang 2 tahun 6 bulan, di dalam keadaan tertiarap lengkap berpakaian, mengalami cedera parah dibahagian belakang kepala pecah akibat hentakkan dan kepalanya terputus dari badan. Turut ditemui ditempat kejadian pecahan ceramic bersama kesan2 darah dan sepasang selipar disyaki milik suspek.

The toddler was raised solely by her mother, Siti Salmy Suib.
Siti Salmy, 32, who police say is homeless and unemployed, had gone to the shopping complex on Thursday to hang out with her friends.
“At about 8pm, she went to a toilet and left Siti Soffea with four of her friends When she returned five minutes later, Siti Soffea was no longer with them,” -
Makes you wonder what went wrong with Malaysia....there are able bodied healthy jobless people roaming the streets homeless, and bringing up children to boot.  And there are young jobless people just released from jail who prey on little children, cut of their heads and drink their blood.  Luckily he died, and is not at large, still lurking around looking for the next victim.
Meanwhile there are other disturbing sensational news like the teen who was raped by more than 30 men, many of them related, like a father and his 2 sons.

  1. Schoolgirl raped by 30 men - Nation | The Star Online › News

    5 days ago - ... gang-raped by more than 30 people at an empty house in Ketereh in ... wooden house and took both girls into rooms and took turns to rape the victim. ... to lodge a police report on the incident that took place last Tuesday.

Policewoman taking a selfie in front of the empty room where the girl was violated.
the empty room in Kota Bahru, scene of the crime

Next there is the sad news of the 7 year old girl who plunged 3 storeys and died.

At the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley

and the video of the mother who publicly whipped the rapist of her daughter.....


Doesn't Malaysia seem such a horrible place to live in???? 

 Enjoy your bak chang.

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