Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celebrate Life! Celebrate Friendship!!!

Husband's alma mater had 40th Anniversary reunion dinner

 the previous was in 2004, some 10 years ago!!!!
It was held at One World Hotel, at Bandar Utama
Jasmine Junior Ballroom
Arrival of school mates

The first Tan Sri in this group!
 signing in like everyone else

some came solo
a lot came with their better halves
The boys! (It is an all-boys' school)
The girls! (in Form 6)
those who travelled from afar
the teachers!
the group, with their spouses, and the teachers
 the dashing MC for the night
the programme for the night
started with a school song that evoked pangs of nostalgia
I was with the spouses while the boys played catch up
the menu for the buffet dinner
ladies first, naturally
we had a wonderful time!!!

As time is whizzing past, reunions should be the norm rather than an exception...

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