Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Pie Thing

After the Pie place has opened for a couple of weeks, we found the time to visit it..

Millie and Terry travelled all the way from Batu Pahat, and we met them there
It is not difficult to spot the place....just key in Jalan 21/35
A corner lot in busy Damansara Uptown
Ta da....I found it!!!
This is the address

In the display glass you can glimpse rows of mouth watering pies of all shapes and sizes
the signature pie
Ready to massacre you!

These are the pies we had...
The Mashacre! Choose ur pie flavor and we will top it up with

 mash peas and gravy. Our specialty!


Apple crumble with ice cream

 The Elvis! 

Peanut butter mousse, bananas, pastry cream and dark 


 Creamy spinach pie with just gravy

A southern classic. Sweet potato pie with ice cream!

I peeked into the kitchen and found Irene making and churning out more pies!!

 She handmade all of them!!

Irene in the kitchen...
She makes them all from scratch
QC is ensured and the outlet can only be opened at 4.....
So rush there before the pies get sold out!!! Limited qualities only!! 

Open at 4 pm till SOLD OUT!!!!
Hive of activity at opening time!
My niece and my nephew hard at work fulfilling all the orders of pies and drinks...there are other workers but they refused to be photographed!!!

(These two had no choice, I shot them on the sly!!!)
I like to see young people working conscientiously for their future

The mashacre plus soda: RM19.90
fillings available: pulled lamb, chunky steak, chicken, and vegetarian.

First one on the top left is the lemon curd pie,

 next to it is the Elvis, 

the Nutella pie, apple crumble pie,

 peanut butter brownie pie

 and the last is a s'mores pie

These are what you can order

Environmentally friendly utensils
 cosy and upbeat, trendy interior
designed and visualized by the owners themselves
Angie later joined us after she had finished her office work
The place is close to lots of business concerns and should be able to cater to the office crowd.

Me and my sis, the old cronies
My verdict of the pies?
Yummylicious, good to eat hot, 
must devour on the spot.

the enterprising youngsters with their proud parents

Do visit their facebook page

and see what others comment:
Awesome pies! Recommended: pulled lamb, chunky steak & apple crumble

The pie is so good that when I look at it the second time on my screen, I nearly licked my phone.

The peanut butter and choc brownie pie is sooo good!! Will definitely come back to try the others.

There is also a plea for the place to open at lunch time.....

Shu Chen Tan Coincidently Teng Wee n I went to take away 4 chicken ,4 lamb n 4 choc nut pies for hosting dinner for his siblings..amongst other home cooked dishes. Pies tasted much better when eaten fresh vs this morning . They opened only at 4 pm n unfortunately not lunch time.

And there is a special promo on...

Just like the essence of every pie, we love surprises. To celebrate our 1k+ followers on Facebook, we are happy to announce our very first "Surprise Promo" this weekend - Order a Mashacre and get 1 Soda Float (your choice of soda + yummy vanilla ice cream) on us for free! We will suggest that you hurry up and claim your free float because the promo will end unexpectedly! See you at A Pie Thing!

And A Pie Thing has been reviewed by EAT DRINK KL:

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