Tuesday, July 15, 2014

12 July 2014 Raya Cooking Workshop

Attended my yearly Raya Cooking Workshop
Sponsored by Frontera and MWW

These are the Dishes we will be cooking:
2 demo (rendang and shortbread)
and 2 hands-on (Tiramisu and sushi)

 Serunding Ayam Sushi

 Luscious Nuts and Dates Tiramisu

 Rendang Ayam( ala Rendang Tok)
Spiral Cream Cheese Pecan Shortbread

 signage outside the cooking house in Desa Sri Hartamas

I have been here before with my little daughter when she 
was little! for a class 
 Inside the Cooking House

The waiting room
 The hands on kitchen

products by Frontera to be used in the cooking
 Mother with kids
wives with husbands

 me with myself!
no cooking mates

With Chef May's assistance, the participants produce the perfect Luscious Nutty And Dates Tiramisu, and finished product? PASS!


Second set of demonstration at The Weekly's Raya Cooking with Fonterra Brands by Chef Firuz, these mouthwatering dishes: Rendang Ayam and Serunding Ayam Sushi Ayam, are perfect to be served to family and guests during the Ramadhan month.
I am the one standing next to the chef, I am in blue

The Weekly's Raya Cooking Workshop with Fonterra ended with laughter and great food to take home! A big thank you to those who participated.

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