Friday, July 4, 2014

Defaced pictures!!!

But that is not all!!!
When I looked into the sleeve of the CD, I got a shock!
Her photos were all defaced!!! Short of blackening her strategic parts with black ink
(like I have seen in magazines in my convent school library)
they have put some ghastly balloon like image across her offensive parts!!!

Why they choose a balloon that looks like an inflated blue condom defeats me
and it is so ironical, right?
. as if one cannot access the pictures from the net....

 no wonder local men are so depraved and  deprived and when let loose overseas, become perverts and assaulters who cannot contain and control themselves :

  1. Malaysian official on sex charge uses diplomatic immunity to ... › News › World news › Malaysia
    3 days ago - Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, charged with sexual assault, will be extradited if New Zealand government requests it.

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