Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summary of Guilin Tour

We did not plan to go to Guilin per se, we had wanted to try for
the Free Seats advertised, but the flight is to be performed in 2015
which was not feasible to us

But we found some cheap flights to China like Kunming and Guilin, for RM99 so we chose Guilin

The airfare for 2 plus hotel stay came up to RM 1,500  for 2, return tickets!!

So, we found ourselves on board Air Asia bound for Guilin
the ride itself to our hotel was scenic...
this is our hotel, it is included in the air ticket, by AirAsiaGo
our friendly taxi driver Kim Fong
from the airport who became our tour guide for the day
We could also contact her if we needed transport to the airport.
I will feature her and provide her details so you can look for her when you go to Guilin!!
She waited for us to check in at the hotel, shower, change, 
(when we came out refreshed, we found her sweating and standing outside the hotel!!)
and drove us to Reed Flute Cave!
It was a scorchingly hot day, but she waited patiently
 for us to finish our tour of the cave to take us to our next destination!!!
Reed Flute Cave is thousands of years old,
 has fantastic stalactite and stalagmite formations,
 is awesomely huge and puts Batu Caves or Perak Cave to shame!
 even outside the cave there is a lake with fantastic Guillin style scenery
so hot, we were blinded by the sun and my eyes were blinded by my sweat trickling from my brow!!!
she drove us to a nice restaurant for a very late lunch
(imagine how long she waited for us!)
before going to FuPo Mountain
I had yummy spicy Guilin signature noodles

He had fried rice...Guilin style: ONLY RICE STIRRED WITH EGG AND  sprinkled with spring onions..but he enjoyed it!
 We did not enter FuPo Mountain because of the expensive entrance fee, but we went to Seven Star Park and saw this rock that looked like a camel with a single hump
President Clinton gave a speech here!!!
He came with Chelsea and Hilary Clinton in 1998!

Next we walked to Elephant Park, but it was closed! Anyway, the entrance fee was too steep for us!!!
Walking back to the hotel, we found the locals chilling out at the lake nice!!!
What is Guilin if you don't try the Guilin Gao (black herbal jelly drink) and sit on the buggy!
It took us back to the Elephant trunk park and out hotel for only 15 yen!!!
Next morning was a whole day trip to Li River and we bought the tour from the hotel at 450 yuan each...expensive?
Li River has beautiful mountains for miles on end, but brownish water today because it had rained for 3 days.
At the end of the 4 hour pleasant boat ride, we reached Yangshuo, an ancient village where some tourists checked into the hotel because, it is a must for them to spend the night in Yangshuo to experience village life.
 We did not expect to find ourselves on a bamboo raft!!!! We were not dressed the part!!! You are supposed to dip your feet into the water!!!
You can also buy water pistols and shoot off water!
We were treated to more breathtaking views of the mountains and there were even little hurdles to cross to get your feet wet, and to be sprayed by mild splashes of water.....

dinner was by the roadside at some shops near the hotel
my food: scary looking spicy beef Guilin noodle
Splutter, cough, cough!!!! It was spicily hot!!!
He had......FRIED RICE again!!!
No meat, only egg and spring onions, hahaha!!!
Next day we went up Longji farms and had authentic
village food of rice and chicken cooked in bamboo...yummylicious!!!
and the view was spectacular!!
we had to trek miles and miles of these steps

but we could take photos as much as we like
it was a walk in your own time,
no tour guide or other members to hassle and jostle you
then we reached PING AN, an ancient mountain village
where sedans are still  a mode of transport!
I became a mountain maiden for a day, nay, a few minutes...
 that night, after we went down the mountains, he had his treat: K F C!!!!
I found red bean pie!!! no apple pie!
It was time to go to the airport, and this driver, provided by Kim Fong, charges only 80 yuan as opposed to the 150 to 200 yuan charged by the hotel!
this is..the toll gate leading to the airport!!!
and this is Guilin airport!!!

My boarding sad to leave Guilin
but I leave a piece of my heart......

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