Monday, July 21, 2014

Frog Asia Discovery Day for Teachers and Parents

I wanted to take the LRT from Bukit Jalil Station to
I did not even know where the Bukit Jalil Station was!!!
Had to U turn a few times and ask a girl sitting by the side of the road to make sure...
Then, I did not know where to park!!!! Hahaha!!!
I also did not know where or how to buy the tickets hehehe!!!!
In the train, I saw this hardworking girl going to tuition by herself and leaning against the wall, checking her tuition work, our own children are ferried to and from tuition classes in a chaffeured driven car....

So hardworking hor? Dragged myself up on a Saturday morning to attend this programme...somehow I felt compelled to keep in touch with teaching and upgrade myself

 This is where the Frog Programme is held....and this is the D6 office block in Sentul East

posh looking and new.....from YTL of course

 I boarded the Sentul East train, but it is actually in Sentul, so I had to take a taxi from the station here, luckily the Pak Cik taxidriver was very patient and helped me look for the office...I felt I was in a different country. not in mere Sentul!!!

You can see from the above address that I overlooked the "D6".....I kept telling the taxi driver to go the Jalan Sentul and looked out for "Frog Asia"
 Marketing manager gave an intro to the programme
 Who we are??
 this prorgramme is tied up with education and caters to all sides: students, teachers, parents....will it succeed?

we are broken into groups and I joined the parents' group

 frog bottle and frog mug
 new office
 chrome book
(I have done the programme before in school, so I finished ahead of the other parents, besides, I am now very computer savvy ahem!)
then we broke for kueh time
(in the morning we were treated to a nasi lemak breakfast)

 little boy very happy with his kueh!!!
 lots of yummy kueh and coffee!
 cheery kids' room
 after wandering around, I felt I could not stay for the subsequent sessions, so I was given my goodie bag, certificate of attendance, some top up cards to purchase Frog programmes for my daughter (but I think she is too smart and too busy to do them? tehehe)

So I left the building and did not know how to get to the LRT station!!!
 asked this security guard, but he is a foreigner, and he does not know too!!!

 so I asked the cleaner and she told me "there" and I must say, KL roads are pedestrian unfriendly, it was hot, dusty, with construction work here and there, and no proper paved roads for me to walk, I am the only walker on the road, and it was blistering hot, I was in heels, office suit and I used my jacket to cover my head!!! Also there was lots of Bangla workers resting and if I were younger, I would be leered at....!
 Can you imagine? this is the Sentul station.  Under the flyover. No signages to say it is a station.  I asked a Malay girl with luggage, and she assured me " go on....soon you will see an escalator, NAIK SAHAJA!"  True enough suddenly behind some pillars was the stairs to go up to the station!!! To think that in Tokyo, everyone takes the subway!!!
 This train goes to Ampang
 This train goes to Sri Petaling, I took the Ampang train which came first, then changed trains at Chan Sow Lin and got off at Bukit Jalil before Sri Petaling.... (I am very clever now!!!)
Sentul station is good for people living in this low cost flats, they just cross the road to access the LRT.

Today, not only did I discover Frog Asia, I discovered the LRT, now I am so ready for the MRT.

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