Monday, July 14, 2014

Boyband F4's Ken Zhu hardly recognisable

"Ken F4" then and now

For some reflection on your own mortality, gaze at the young sex symbol and middle-aged dude above, and the unbroken line of years between them.

Boyband F4's Ken Zhu hardly recognisable

11 Jul – Taiwanese singer, actor and composer, Ken Zhu, is now living a low key life in Thailand. It is reported that he has been living at a temple in Chiang Mai since last year.
Khaosod reported that the former member of famous Taiwanese boyband, F4, has been reflecting on his past behaviours. He also wishes to shed the stubborn and arrogant personality of his young self through his new way of living.
The revelation came to the former star when a sudden burst of flames from a vacuum cleaner shocked Ken as he plugged in the machine to start on his chores at the temple.
With his humble attire and makeup free face, 35-year-old Ken Zhu barely bears any resemblance to the young heartthrob that used to set girls' hearts aflutter every time an F4 song played on the radio.
The former Taiwanese heartthrob now spends his day meditating and being as far away from the limelight as possible.

Not sure who F4 is? Watch the music video of their biggest hit “Liu Xing Yu” where the boys do their popular firework-fingers move,  here:

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