Saturday, July 5, 2014

Slimming Sanctuary RM140 for 10 sessions

Slimming  Sanctuary has an Anniversary Offer now still on..

RM 140 for 10 sessions
The girl called me to take up this offer and I could not understand her
"yat pat sei sap, sap chee?" 
....140, 10 times??
hai, hai (yes, yes)
so, I took up the offer....and I looked at this poster, before I believed her...

I went to the Bandar Puteri outlet , near my house.

Slimming Sanctuary Sdn Bhd
Address: 11 Jalan Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Phone:03-8062 5161

So far, I have been there 3 times...7 sessions more to go...
 I was asked to wait first before they got my room ready
 have been here before for facials
 invitng divan

 with ginger tea, which I come to expect from spas 
 then I was led to my cubicle
 my disposable undies, and locker bracelet
 before the treatment
 had to strip off and put on a paper g string, chest holder (hahaha..that's what I call it) and watch? electronic device to lock/unlock locker
 then I put on their robe....hope they washed it....
 their advertisment poster
 you gotta believe it, 10m sessions for RM140, even if it does not work, I enjoyed the massage...
 electronic pads to be put on parts and bits of my body before being hooked onto a machine and tingling sensations course through the targeted parts...sounds like a torture machine? hehehe
 look at the "torture machine" a contraption that will send dubious unbelievers running
 I concentrated on this lamp while subjecting my subcutaneous fats to the machine
 after....hmmmm....I need 100 sessions, not 10!!! hahaha!!!! I said... I have 7 more sessions......
oh yes, I forgot to tell you, after the machine, they wrapped me up in cling wrap
 (yes, the type you use to cling wrap left overs) 
and yes, I felt like a giant left over......
next time I get the girl to take my wrapped up pic so you can see for yourself, 
or maybe not, 
 because I am in g string and chest-holder...remember?

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