Thursday, July 17, 2014

Heroes and Villains Dance Party (13 July 2014)

Managed to squeeze in Sal's Foo's Heroes and Villains' Dance Party
into my busy schedule, Hahaha!!! I am such a busy woman!

This is my costume that I rented from Pola Cipta!!!
Comes with a cape, a belt and a mask!!!
Hooley 3!
 Edward came as Vampire!
Before I took his picture, he said wait!  let me put on my fangs!!!
 Can you recognise her?
She is Adeline, and she came as the Joker
 Jenny as the police woman, she used a child's toy gun and handcuffs
 she bought her costume on line
 Jan and Bebe as Catwoman and 20s woman respectively
Popeye, Gundam,Dragon Ball, Poison Evy
Jan made her costume herself (sewed the tail from stockings)!
 I rented mine!!!
Penny as the Spider Girl
hostess Sal!!! with horns, friend with helmet
door gifts to everyone, hand painted by Sal (Hooley 2014)
and a parting gift of a soft toy, I got the sea horse!!! FUN!!!

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