Sunday, July 27, 2014

Candy Crush Dance Party

Went to a great party today...

At Lucky Palace in Seremban, my second time there

Getting ready for my party with a candy theme

My daughter call this a flapper dress

and I got to wear my pink dancing shoes that I have kept for 

some time

Nice backdrop with hand made candies and lollies

so we had to take photos with the backdrop

lots of candies for the picking!

 lots of gigantic lollipops for taking photos

 with Jenny and Fong

 Sally, Jenny Fong and Kenny

I love Jennifer's get-up and she looks slimmer too

three line dance teachers, 2 of them mine!!!

Lizzie came all the way from Johor Bahru and sewed her 

own lollies

Kim, too sewed most of the embellishments of her dress

Jan and Jazmine dressing for the part

 Kim and Jan

Jennifer and Adeline, Adeline is super slim and fit

this is how Sal dress

This is how Sal takes selfies!

This is how Bee Bee dress, with a giant sweet on her 

head and candies dangling from her apron

big group! big party!

lots of sweets!

Candy Crush...!

 All Gone!!!

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