Friday, July 25, 2014

Vocational Visit: GK Organic Farm

Vivian is in charge of Vocational visits this year.  To kick off she took us on an organic farm visit.

 I hated to would be so hot, so boring, and so blah....but handsome James (above) persuaded me to go, he also gave me his Malboro hat as an incentive.
Our President Elect Jimmy with his family, and Vivian the organiser.
Paramesh came with his wife and 3 sons!!!
It was a Sunday family outing!
Yoga session to start off the day?
 The G of the "GK" K is his Japanese wife and partner.  G is really a nature lover and talks passionately about plants, insects,denizens of the forests, going organic and not squishing the life out of God's living creatures.
the farm is situated on acres and acres of green, the last green pockets of Kuala Lumpur
 this is a bee hive, and G paints lyrical on how they are architectural marvels and how they are socially superior to us
to go on the farm tour, we had to go barefoot...for your information, I don't even go barefoot in my own house, and bedroom and bathroom let alone the jungle floor.
then he taught us how to suck nectar from flowers
 and make compost, dust to dust....
 and not step on insects and not trample the good earth with our spiky high heels
every blade of grass every leaf of life every drop of dew every...well...everything, are his friends
we had two hands on on session: digging for sweet potatoes, yes, that's me, with my towel draped over my head, it was scorchingly hot, sweat snaked into my eyes, and the Malboro hat that James gave me was my life saviour that day.  We were supposed to leave our bags behind, but I need to have my iphone, my  compact, my camera, my cash, my credit cards, my 5 Cs under my armpit....
the other session was replanting seedlings and
Vivian looked "farmly" even  with her modern trappings like designer shades and Oris watch
 Then we had a healthy, vegetarian organic lunch with the produce off the land
yes, and nut balls.
 then it was shopping time, I bought this organic mee, and we were told to go home, throw away our white sugar which is a veritable poison and buy organic brown sugar.
Loving homemade products with lovingly homemade prices
 No detergent in the toilet, no toilet paper, no radio, no music, no newspaper to read but luckily got wifi
All the the organic people,
I am in front among the kids, and next to G
Beautiful organic view of the organic farm. Bye!!!
Oh yes, we had to pay RM58 for the visit, talk, yoga session, 
lunch, two hands on sessions
 and barefoot walk
Try it!!!

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