Saturday, July 26, 2014

Organic Vegetarian Lunch at GK Organic Farm

We had organic vegetarian lunch at GK farm
 which is included in the RM58 farm visit with hands-on lessons yoga, exercise, bee farming, and health talk.

this is the organic desserts, :cakes and sweets all made from fresh produce from the farm
the dessert table before....
Let me show you the creative lunch prepared by the staff:
 Mixed vegetables decorated with a sprig of misai kuching flower

 Ladies Finger with Tomato Salsa

 Vegetable Pilaf Rice

 Sugar and Egg Free Cake

 I peeped into the kitchen and snuck a shot of them at work!

 Vegetable Cream with Sour Bread

 Roast Sweet Potato

 Dr Spowage, Junior and his doctor wife at the open air lounge waiting for lunch

 Roselle Drink

 Sesame Oil Noodle
 Corn yummy

 Corn soup is served in thsese tin cups with weaved baskets
 The other drink: Alkaline Drink which was very very delicious!
made of Minty Basil, Mulberry, Menthol, Lemon Grass and Organic Cane!!!

 Nut Ball

 Tapioca Fruits Crumble,
I was in nuts heaven...almonds, pecan nuts, raisins...sunflower seeds,groundnuts....

 Stufffed Sweet Millet with Black Eye Beans

 Baked Bread Fruit (Sukun in Malay)

 A variety of bread and fruits

 Wild Green Salad and edible coloourful plant petals!!!

 Papaya Jelly

 I am done with photography, the chefs are done with cooking, and we are waiting for the other guests to come in barefoot with their empty stomachs

 Andrew serving his son
 James also take some photos of the food
 and Alice, Francis's wife
 and Francis

 Super hot chili Sambal!!
Meet the creator of all the imaginative food....
all from the fat of the land, no meat, no carcasses!

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