Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watch the viral video here CDM25 Peugeot Woman Runs Amok and bully old man

Lesen P.... berlagak kemain...

This is completely unacceptable behaviour, macam manusia tak bertamadun. My fullest respect goes out to the poor Uncle who got abused by her, who kept his cool and maintained his dignity. Sayangnya, this unfortunate girl will have lost her dignity forever, and be declared an embarrassment to womankind and her race, now that this video has gone viral. Remember, peeps, before you decide to ever blow your top in public, think about how RIDICULOUS you look and consider that it may have an effect on you forever.
Video gelagat seorang perempuan yang mengamuk kerana keretanya dilanggar...

Elderly man forgives her!

The elderly man involved in a road rage incident in Kuantan has been fined by traffic police. — Picture by Saw Siow Feng
KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — The 67-year-old man recorded coming under attack in a road rage incident in Kuantan has been ticketed by traffic police for the accident. 
According to summary report made available by the police, the man was fined for failing to yield when exiting a junction and causing the accident in which the retiree’s car suffered no damage but caused scratches to the Peugeot 209 driven by the woman shown in the video.
Police said the elderly man noted the woman’s aggression, but opted not to pursue the matter.
“While having his statement taken by the accident investigation officer, the Chinese man stated that the complainant (the woman) had grabbed his shirt and hit his car with a steering lock.
“The officer advised him to lodge a police report but the man said he did not wish to do so and forgives the complainant,” the summary continued.
In the 2.33-minute clip, the Malay woman is shown smashing away at the elderly man’s car following a fender bender and demanding RM2,000 for the accident.
Frustrated that the man would not pay her on the spot, she then abused him racially.
“You think you are Chinese, you are better than us! You are very stupid!” she shouts, before accusing him of intentionally hitting her car.
The woman later shifts her Peugeot forward to examine the damage, before getting in her car and explaining to passers-by that her response was because “Dia Cina (He is Chinese)”.
Internet users later used her vehicle registration number, which was visible in the video, to trace the woman’s identity before posting this information online, prompting more targeted abuse against her. - See more at:

just from this photo!

wow!! they even got these details of her..

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