Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take Five With The Weekly-Centro Hair Experience

After I came back from Guilin, it was my turn to fetch daughter to school.
and while waiting to pick her up, I went for a hair pampering experience at Centro, The Garden

This event is organised by this magazine, (I had been to the previous Centro before)
and only 10 readers are accepted for each session

 So, as one of the few free enough, I looked forward to the pampering hands of the salon girl/boy!
 this is the interior of Centro W at the Gardens, Mid Valley, it is newly re furbished.
 Event is sponsored by Centro W Salon, Gusto Nescafe and Loreal
I must take a before picture
and a After picture!
My cupcake to enjoy while they shampooed my hair.
Not only that, he gave me a relaxing head, shoulders and neck massage!
So soothing and damn shiok!!!

then he put Loreal serum and really worked it in strand by strand!
It was according to all the steps as show in in leaflet : Detoxify, Cleanse, Nourish, Moisturise..etc..etc...
After I had finished, I had to have my photo taken at the booth, with my new, sadly temporary curly hairdo!
other readers...such beautiful, wavy hair!

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