Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10th of May 2015

 Everybody knows what the first Sunday in May means....hahah...Mother's day....
 an occasion to celebrate...and so did everyone... was still bright and early at 6.30 but many tables are filled already...
 Restoran Ho Kee Pulau Ketam Seafood Steamboat along Jalan Kenari
 it was her mid terms and she carried her PHYSICS book with her,,, thank God she studies Physics in English since Form 1
it is now back to Malay for students now.
 waiting for the pot to boil....or rather waiting to be served after our order....due to the crowd, we had to be patient to wait our turn
 pot started boiling but not food yet!!!
 sky is getting dark!!! hahahah!!!
 yippee! food arrived for 3 persons RM53.70 with  yee mee
 dumplings for RM7.50
 Fish slices for RM16 and Pork Balls for RM7.50
 this is for 3 persons at 53.70

 seafood selction
 don't think that it is a mountain of food, at the bottom there a mountain of vegetables, hahaha
 three yee mee and 3 eggs
 the waiter dropped the yee mee and egg!
 there goes our eggs...he had to replace it for us
 pork slices for RM16.00

yum yum nyam nyam.....pot is boiling and we are salivating
 mandatory posing before we eat!

meal cost RM114.40 with tea for 5 persons RM7.50 ...GST 6.49 so the actual meal cost RM108.20 before GST..........

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