Monday, May 4, 2015

Qing MIng 2015

"Life becomes meaningful 
when we shoulder responsibilities.
Avoiding responsibilities makes our life empty."

 How true, and how ironic....This notice is pasted on the wall of the toilet.....
 It made me contemplate life, while I was answering the call of nature, well actually I was only washing my I seldom need to "go" as I perspire a lot, I lose moisture that way......

so to shoulder our responsibility, we performed this year's Qing Ming
at Nirvana, Semenyih.....

 I saw Chanel slippers ..for a touch of luxury
 dental kits with dentures and toothpaste..for the maintenance of personal hygiene 
even TV sets with Astro and Full keep them entertained the high tech way

This year saw only the 4 of us....
golden oldies in our 60s and 70s
 performing the ritual on behalf of other family members

me,(youngest daughter in law)  my better half,(youngest son),  2nd Brother and 2nd sister in law
then I saw a Christian cemetery and a Buddhist one, side by side, this is what you call freedom of practice in religion and religious tolerance in this wonderful country of ours. 

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