Friday, May 8, 2015

26 April 2015 Day Trip to Pulau Sembilan via Sekinchan and Bagan Datoh

I have done a post on this before but today I want to use Ng's photos.....
we went to this island
 but first, we had to go to the mandatory factory where you are given a talk and you are supposed to buy so that the tour guide can get a commission...but I did not buy any

I only posed for photo at the "Oasis"
we also stopped at Sekinchan
the words say "I love Sekinchan"
then we had to get to the jetty to take a boat ride
the jetty has quant houses like this on stilts
then we had to wear life jackets

by the time I finished taking photos
the bigger boat was full!
so I ended up in the smaller boat
can you see how unsafe the blue boat is??
I have never felt so vulnerable and exposed before sitting in a boat like this!
we weer drenched, we were splashed with sea water, we were showered with rain water
we were rocked and we riocheted over rough waves!!!
wow!!! reached at last!!!
 We made it to the island!!!
 lolling around before dinner

 taking pictures everywhere!
 dinner!!! steamboat by the sea on the beach!!!

 sadly the days of the seafood steamboat restaurant are numbered
because it will be taken over and run by the state

gosh!! all that you can eat!
you can take as many times as you like!

all seafood!!! see the food!!!
see how nice? steamboat on the sand!!
 see the good times we have???

actually we only wanted to take photos, the four of us

 but everyone came and upstaged us!!

 shopping at Sai Kim.....dried seafood and lots of other stuff!

We looked like we enjoyed ourselves!
Hey, we really did!!

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