Thursday, May 21, 2015

President's Coffee Morning

On 28th April I attended the New President's Coffee Morning.

she gave us a treat at her own restaurant, at Hotel Istana...

 this is the place
 at the basement
 some members were already seated
 all eager to start
 The new president is a local....
 I snooped around for the menu...hehe

 but food was not served yet, so we had a little programme

 like some exercise, but we look as if we are doing victory poses food is served!!

 Me and Julie had a nice cosy table to ourselves and we selfied a lot!!

 until others took this for us!!
 She is grateful for her lovely life and wishes to give back to society soon
 group photos are a must

 then I saw Kim from Korea
 she looked great!!! I have not seen her for events and dinners lately

 this is the gift from the new president to the outgoing one....

 and below is the post on FB...
I always enjoy my international friends and our meetings which are usually lunches or dinners...hehe so stress free and fun!!!  eat, talk, yak ..and photos.....lots of photos!!!

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