Wednesday, May 27, 2015

23 May 2015 Canton Kitchen Dinner

I really need to be more up to date with my postings...the last one on Mother's Day's drew the ire of my this one is quite recent...last Saturday...up to date enough????

 We had a family dinner for Uncle S at this place: Canton Kitchen
 It had some interesting props and this old movie theatre facade
 The Lido....old time "stand alone movie theatre,,,it even had ticketing time I must look inside
could not resist taking a photo with "Now Showing" poster
and red business bicycle
 our group waiting for dinner...tonight was also the big match between Singapore and Kelantan which made those coming from Bukit Jalil late, but the food was even later!
 chit chatting and catching up with cousins...while others amuse themselves with the karaoke
 as you can see, real catching up...the old cousins
 the young cousins
 siblings catching up 
 old ladies catching on

 singer catching up
 this is what we had.....
 Ass cuttle fish!!!

 Four types of beans
 Assorted cuttlefish, prawn ball
 four types of beans
 Signature homemade beancurd
 Sweet sour fish fillet
 Honey Chicken
 Oatmeal beancurd
 Braised pork in quang xi style 
 Deep fried salted fish pork

hmmm yummy delicious!!!!!

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