Saturday, May 9, 2015


 As we enter our golden years, we find ourselves attending reunions....a lot,...hahaha!!!
this is for the medical team....just look at the year!!!

 this is the fourth, hosted in KL by the Central Zone, last onw was in Kuching, before that in Penang and the very first was in Kajang.
 the venue: Cititel Hotel
 me and Ann, wives of the docs of central zone
 look at how distinguished they are: some of them are Deputy Vice Chancellor of Mahsa, Senior Honorary Psychiatry Lecturer, Consultant  ENT Surgeon, Opthalmologist, Urologist, Paediatrician, Neprhologist, Neonatologist,  Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Gastroentologist and Winner of Merdeka Award, Pathologist, even a Professor of Department of Pathology, UM Medicial Centre, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Pengarah Hospital Kajang, and lots of private practioners....locally and abroad

 the doc who did my thyroid operation

 food at RM120 per person was fantastic! lots of choices!

 the capable organiser....booked the venue, planned the programme, etc etc
 our doorgifts
 met him at the buffet table and he recognised me from university days, he was our heartthrob then!!! Still had some good looks left..... (from Ipoh like my friend Doreen and Foong Leng)
 she not only sang but explained the lyrics to the song, Shanghai Beach and Moon Represents my Heart ( now I could really appreciate Shanghai Beach)
 recognition for those who worked tirelessly behind the scene for this reunion
 wow, a doc with a passion for akido
 brought his own tatami mat and exponents to give a demo
 cake cutting time
 the organisers in the central zone
 too many attendees to fit in the whole p-icture!
more photo opportunities towards the end......more than 500 pics were taken and uploaded!!

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