Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sri Karak Restaurant for lunch

To round up our successful UM tour we adjourned to Sri Karak Restaurant for lunch

It is is Petaling Jaya

look at the restaurant..tucked away in a corner of PJ

 at the square 

 parking haphazardly everywhere because it was a Sunday!!! and a public holiday
 upstairs, 3 tables were reserved for us..halal
 but with a Chinese chef...yummy and delcious lunch, pork free

 sambal prawns with petai....spicy and flavourful
 the biggest fish you have ever seen...,patin

 claypot chicken...pieces of chicken nicely coated with soya sauce

 crunchy sotong rings

 nice bitesized long beans
 our table

 2nd table

 3rd table

 durian meletup...exploding durian puffs

 free fruits

and the finale: durian ice cream ABC (Air Batu Campur) or ice kachang.

The good thing about Sri Karak is that it has a durian orchard so the durian puffs has fresh duiran pulp (never refriegerated or frozen) and the ice cream has real durian, not durian flavoured durian or durian essence...REAL DURIAN... I can vouch for it..because I had the whole durian ice cream to enjoy!!!

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