Sunday, May 17, 2015

Buying text books

    1. Map of Mehraj Book Distributors
  1. Mehraj Book Distributors
  2. Beli-belah
  3. Address: 10, Jalan Pandan 8/8, 55100, Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, 55100, Malaysia

When my eldest daughter was in secondary school, I always had to bring her to this bookshop to buy textbooks and workbooks that you cannot find at the mainstream bookshops in town.
Now it is deja vu...I am bringing my youngest here....12 years later..
 this bookshop stocks all the text books and revision books direct from the publishers
 you can find all that you need and more!! hehehe I found this:

a book on "mati pucuk" or erectile dysfunction (ED) tsk tsk what is such a book marauding as a textbook doing here in a student's book store???? hehe

 anyway, my innocent girl is unperturbed, she is not distracted from anything and is quite focussed on searching for what she wants
 she always resort to this store to get her last minute "cramming" for the mid terms and finals and government exams....the bane of a student's life. To me as a mum, if it can help her to ace her tests  (and she does, as do all my kids....proud mum here lol) why not, I just dish out my wallet and pay...

 Walking around, I also found this: Malay version!!!

" don"t be afraid" I whispered..."We will always be together....." 
I just hope none of the nuances and subtlety of a much loved tale does not get lost in translation. Kinda sad, really, I had hoped that the local kids take to reading to bring their English a notch higher,and not to read the translated version, it will just bring them back to square one.

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