Thursday, May 14, 2015

Queue for free tickets!!!

A local English Daily has offered free tickets in exchange for coupon cutouts...
this is the 3rd and final round......the first round I missed..
the second round I collected only two tix because I mixed the coupons with the first round and were disqualified for 2!!! ish ish ish!

 The third round I diligently collected the coloured coupons, made sure that I did not mixed any rounds, and made another stack so that my maid could collect them too...hehehe...
 but what do you know....everyone has cottoned on to the same idea too! They are up and early and already queuing up patiently.
 eh, this is a week day, don't they have work to do???? hehe I am a pensioner, so I am very free
 this time, they made everyone queue outside the building

and opened exactly at the time stated...10 am
 and they let in only a few people in at a single time
 wahhhh.....only a patient few could get in first

 under the hot sun....luckily I brought my umbrella too...then, a guard came and asked who are golden citizens? (warga mas) 
I was I was!!! hehehe I quickly followed him
 and was able to go inside! walau!!! look at the q!  I was able to jump all this and go straight to the front, my guard brought me!
see? I got mine! Each person could collect 4!
Then I went for my drink and lunch!!!

 After my lunch, I came in and saw Mel!!! still queueing! she made it to the inside!!
 wow!!! my legs would have given way, I am a warga mas what!
 the people outside the gate!
 These people are turned away because the quota has been reached.  so kesian hor?

 wow!!! look at all the tickets....four each, plus 2 from my first trip 10
 one ticket costs more than RM100
she got some to go with her friends on Sunday, her day off

 hehehe!!! freebies!
 Ticket for redemption finished!!

 happy!!! she can have her birthday party with her friends at the resort, free!!

the very same tickets are on sale online instantly!!!

at RM 65, someone is making a fast buck, as people will buy because  it costs RM130 each.

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