Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rare Visit to Faculty of Medicine

Only because 2 of their mates are still attached to UM, 
that this rare visit is made possible!

these two are the Head of the Pathology Department (standing next to the Dean) and Consultant Chest Physician of UM (on the left)

the Head of Pathology
she spearheaded the visit
 outside the faculty
at the foyer for the briefing
 Dean of the faculty giving her welcome address

one of the many group photos!!! the first one
our visit started
roaming the corridors that they once trampled as students
the lecture hall!!!
our group photo!!!
we did not attend lectures here, we are the spouses/kids of the doctors lah..
next: actual ward rounds!!!
trying to look unperturbed by our prying eyes!!
actual patients at the wards!
then we reached the AVICENNA ( I don't know what that is!)
but it looked like a nice spot for a group shot!!
maybe because of the year 2015?
now we are going to the CSH or clinical Students' Hostel

their old canteen is now called MediCafe, but of course

 their old concourse
wow, reliving old times, they were a close knit group
deng deng deng....we arranged ourselves for another group shot
 of course, they were excited to see the room they once spent 5 years of their lives
his actual room
 finally, after 40 years their visit has ended and they sign in the visitor's book
 they are 60 now, but it feels as if they never left their 20s
awesomeness personified : Class of 1975 to 1980.......
5 years of their lives
in UM
suspended in time.

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