Wednesday, May 6, 2015


On 30 April we had a fellowship night
 with a roasted lamb
 boss overseeing the roasting..he supplies the most delicious lambs imported from New Zealand
 almost done
 we also brought potluck..a dish to share
 daddy also came

 he brought potato gratin, I think
 and Gov brought chicken curry with chapatti
 meeting starting with SAA and the OC

 the OC
 well attended

 PPs came too
 enjoying food and company

 President elect and members
 nice fellowhip among members
 highlight of evening was inducting two new members
 the first new member

 and the second
 reading bio data of member that he brought in to the club
 new member showing off his charter
 the two of happy to be inducted
 one for the album
 PDG pinning pin on his lapel, he earned it for bringing in a new member
 these three will recieve awards for donation

 proudly showing her award
 PDG is membership development chairman, and he gave a talk on how to retain membership in the club and get more members

 another highlight: raising of funds for the Nepal Disaster Tabung

 a grand total of RM10700,,,wow!!! from members and friends...collected tonight!

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