Monday, March 2, 2015

2nd Day of CNY : Desa Park City

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year we arranged to visit Aunt Betty, Uncle Gan, Jennifer Gan and her family.  It is my tradition to visit Uncle Richard every Christmas and Aunt Betty every Chinese New Year, if I can't visit them throughout the year, at least I visit them ONCE A YEAR.  Alas, Uncle Richard has passed on, so glad that I managed to organise some Christmas visits over the past few years: 

This year, we decided to meet up at Desa Part City and since John and his family is in town too, it will be quite a nice lunch party at the Social, in Desa Park City

  1. Desa ParkCity - The Best Place to Live in Kuala Lumpur
    Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur, covering 473 acres of prime freehold land, is one of the fastest growing and best-selling master planned communities in the

 We have NEVER been to Desa Park City yet!!! I have heard a lot about it, how it is a well maintained township with beautiful landscaped gardens and a self contained shopping mall....and indeed it was!!!  Here we are at the the nicely festively decorated entrance and it was quite pleasant if not for the hot and humid weather. Never mind, it meant that we could dress skimpily and dress cool, yet chinesey since it was still CNY.

Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-6280 8888

  1. The Waterfront - Desa ParkCity › Our Township
    Located within walking distances from the neighborhoods at Desa ParkCity, The Waterfront is a convenient one-stop retail and entertainment center for residents ...
 We purposely went early to check out the place and take lots of photos....there was a nice mall called the Waterfront, and plenty of eateries and sidewalk cafes

Since it was evening, lots of residents were seen jogging, perambulating (that means pushing babies in prams lah hehe, ) and walking all manners of dogs.

Desa ParkCity is truly a self-contained township, centered on the ideals of good, wholesome living, where its residents are able to foster family, neighborhood and community ties.
 there was even a bubbly brook and lots of whites and white kids about...
 see, kids and adults taking pics and selfies
 I love this pic, the colour is fantastic, and it is a candid study of my relatives set against the evening sky by the waterfront, reminds me of Shanghai
 there was a long boardwalk too and the trees were all lit with fairy lights (ALL THE TREES!!)
 I also love this pic because of the colour combination and I wished we had time to pose for more!
 me with my daughter and John's family
 me with my aunt
 there!!! we caught someone to take a pic of all of us!
 so lovely!!!! All of us took the time to come together for a meet up and a nice meal!

 we even had a spot of dating on the lawn!
 and some modelling stints!!!

she wanted some photos for her ig!
 we even saw some wildlife!
then Jennifer called me to come up to the Social for dinner
 we had a long bar....John's family had gone round taking family photos

 Uncle Gan and his eldest grandaughter
 Jennifer and her teen
 Shirley Temple and mocha shake
 avocado salad
 buffalo wings
 cheese baked escagots

 happy to meet up catch up and share an evening together

 his wife and daughter, his other tow daughters are at his mother's
 roe topped avocado salad on shreds of seaweed
 mixed Malaysian platter
 bangers and mash
 Uncle's beef steak
 he is very happy with his beef steak
 Aunt;s chicken aglio olio
 Wong's special nasi lemak
 his special dish whenever he comes here
 my mixed grill
 grilled chicken, beef fish and rice
 Jenn's lasagna
 Terri's seafood aglio olio.  Jennifer did not have any mains, she had starters and salad...
 going back, we just loved the lights decked trees

 you could twirly whirly stuff with your camera, as I did mine by mistake, all because I moved my phone while taking the pic
SO I leave you with a pic of John Joanne, Jess and Jeff, 
the most lovely young family you have ever seen. 

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