Friday, March 13, 2015

Master Bear Resort

The Master Bear Resort in Taitung 
our group of 8 lugging their luggage 
our room was downstairs and this young couple's is on top of ours... we share this sitting room..
she was so excited seeing the bear cushions and posed with them!!!! 
when they had done ... it was this old couple's turn hehe.. we were just as excited!
we even put the teddy cushions on the bed to make it look like The Three Bears.. only Baby Bear did not come with us! 
The cottage looks quaint and romantic at dusk .. just what retirees need to spend the rest of their lives! 
low density and not too crowded... there is also a caravan lodge for those who like to rough it out 
caravans .. unique and comfortable because of the cool clime 
lots of facilities like pool ,karaoke ,bingo ,organized games ; great for team building groups 
everywhere there were bear deco bear soft toys and bear figurines 

then it was time for dinner

excellent dinner! freshly cooked just for us! we finished nearly everything!! 
we wrote our fervent wishes on a paper lantern.. each chose a side and penned our innermost and hidden desires .. when the lantern reaches the sky your wishes will be granted 
then we launched our kong min dern... our first ever lantern... such a beautiful and poignant sight 

after a game of bingo we retired for the night... peace calm serenity overwhelms you with this sight. 

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