Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fo Guang Shan or Bright Buddha Mountain

Fo Guang San or Buddha Bright Mountain also has a monastery and academy for inducting monks 

you can even enroll in the university 

walking up you will be greeted by nuns like her

it was quite a climb but there were covered walk ways and gentle steps 

everywhere you will be greeted by statues depicting ancient folklore

they tell a story if there is someone to narrate the anecdotes to you
then we reached this museum housing exquisite Buddha statues from around the world but photography is not allowed inside
we have reached the middle layer where there is a temple for worship

you can go inside to pray it you can get blessings from the monk with the awesome bell
you hold the iron bar with the monk and he guides you to hit the bell three times
continuing up you will be awed by rows of gold painted Buddhas
with outstretched palms they give you blessings and plenitude
the scene at the top will subdue you
there in all its glory is the 400 ft Golden Buddha

Buddha says: May peace be on you and on all mankind
This is our Group Photo!  Our group is harmonious, cooperative, Happy, cheerful and we are now being blessed by golden Buddha!!!
on the way down there were lots of stone baby cherubic Buddhas in lovely landscaped gardens 
I wish I could also have one like this in my garden! 
we leave the lofty golden Buddha surrounded by his bevy of golden Buddhas Always Up High Bestowing his benevolent gaze on all of us.

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