Saturday, March 14, 2015

Taiwan Hakka Village

Taiwan  Hakka Village is a short but colourful street jam packed with cute little shops and stalls selling old curios and Hakka snacks. 

the Hakkas are the 2nd largest community in Taiwan 
shady,cool, inviting, it showcases Hakka handicrafts and way of life 
puppetry with delicate dolls that you can buy 
would you take me home .. the note on the doll says 
there were lots of water features and this one shows how they must have pumped water from an underground source 
another source of harnessing water
if you rub the red handles long enough the water will jump at you 
old Hakka outdoor pavilion 
stall selling food and tea 
the whole street was like this... shop fronts with open exhibits and interesting wares .... 

then we had lunch at this lovely restaurant 
just read this funny notice 
typical Hakka dishes that you can order 
wow we had so much food as usual! 
steamed tong kwa with soya sauce 
Mui chai pork
mixed vegetables with shredded pork
dessert .. yam paste filling in crispy rice roll 
so we left this quaint man made Hakka village which is actually a street for tourists! 

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