Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3rd Night of CNY dinner at Bangsar

On the 3rd night we went to Bangsar for family dinner
this is the menu.....

before the dinner since we were early I took some photos of Aunt SY's decor
3 tiered lacquer party susan

 mandrisn in chines brocade dress up basket

 a pair of parent birds and baby birds in a solid elaborate bird cage
 cute lifelike birds right?
 delicate peony flower (saved from hampers) tied to the vase
 pink and red cherry blossoms

 potted blooms in red cny basket

 Prosperity trotters
 Assam fish
 green curry beef
 table setting (indoor)
 lovely real orange flowers
 patio outdoor dining
 wall for Aunt's art pieces, this year it is goat etchings
 she made all these...she has an artistic streak
 and she loves to showcase her domestic goddess talents
(like me lor)

dinner is about to start
 but I looked for a spot to take pics for facebook and instagram
 always love this outdoor dining spot

meanwhile more and more food is ready:

 General Tsao's chicken
 Prosperity trotters in gravy

 appetiser of peanuts and pickled papaya
 jade money bags

when you open the jade money bag...

 two types of mantous for the trotters
 jade money bags with broccoli and cauliflowers
 abacus seeds
 mustard greens with bones
 on the warmer
 or nee or teochew yam dessert
 agar agar


 Dinner is served!
 the chef and her assistants

 me and my Ling!!!
 getting the food!, I am too lazy to flip the pic okay...

 Yam Senggggggg!

 crackers from Trengganu
 goat inspired cookies
 I must show you the task sheet for the making of the dinner hahaha!

Then we had the famous "Inside Scoop" ice cream
Read about it here:

 three flavours of Inside Scoop Ice cream: Durian, Valrhona Chocolate and PBC

 Finally, Uncle Yam lit up the lacy table and made Ken, Allysa and William sit there for pics!!!

 Bye!!! See you next year!!!

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