Friday, March 13, 2015

4th Day Taiwan

After a great breakfast at Master Bear Resort
 it was time to check out of the hotel and move on with the itinerary
 but first we took a memorable group pic!!

After a pit stop at the popular FamilyMart

and some scenic countryside
 we reached Mei Non Hakka Village
 we had fun pumping water ... all things traditional and typical of the Hakka lifestyle is showcased here
 Mei Non Hakka Village, you have the chance to see the traditional Hakka Handicrafts,such as hand-make umbrella, bamboo handicraft & etc..
and visit to
Pearl Center.
In Taiwan, Hakka people form the second largest ethnic group on the island

this is the restaurant where we had our lunch of typical hakka dishes
some of the local Hakka style delicacies
After lunch, the sun rose, it was quite hot!
We went to Fo Quang Mountain
or Bright Buddha Mount.

Fo Guang Mountain ~ it is the center of Buddhism in southern Taiwan.

 Fo Guang Shan Monastery.
  One intriguing element of this monastery is the 400-foot, gold statue of Buddha.

 posing with the 400 foot gold statue of Buddha
 we took a group pic with the golden statue of Buddha bestowing his benevolence upon us

Continue tour to Spring & Autumn Pavilion, where you will be amused by
gigantic statues of Dragon & Tiger Pagodas
Hsuan Tien Shangti Temple.
Spring and Autumn pavilions are dedicated to Kuan Kung, The God of War. In front of the pavilion is a statue of Guanyin or  Kuanyin, The Godess of Mercy riding a dragon.
Lotus Lake
莲池潭 is a man-made lake, Spring Autumn Pavilions 春秋 & Dragon Tiger Pagodas 龙虎塔 are located at the southwestern of lake.
Emperor Husan Tien is also called Shangti Kung, Shangti Yeh, Tiyeh Kung, etc. Among the gods worshipped in Taiwan, Emperor Hsuan Tien has the most aliases. In addition, he is the Taoist god with a very high statue

God of War
 Dragon Tiger Pagoda
 Thereafter, transfer to Kaohsiung Love River and enjoy a boat ride.
The scenery is enhanced by attractive city structures near the river, such as the Holy Rosary Cathedral, Kaohsiung Bridge, and the Kaohsiung District.

 The skyline of Kaoshiung as seen from the river cruise
After that, continue to Dream Shopping Mall ~ the Southeast Asia biggest shopping center, the open-air in street is the water the characteristic and the visual platform happy canyon and you may enjoy the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel on own expenses.

Five anchor businesses—Uni-Hankyu Department Store of Japan, Britain's Marks & Spencer Department Store, Japan's Hokkaido Ice & Snow Theme Park, Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel, Happy 100, and Cinemark Cinema—as well as 18 big box stores. The innovative mall design incorporates natural and maritime motifs based on the four major themes of water, flowers, nature, and the universe

 Dream Mall is huge!!!
 Finally, I am at Gear Hotel
(everynight different hotel!! we are literally living out of suitcases!)
(we are now in Kaoshiung)

we are nearly at the end of our tour!!!
Look at our happy faces!
Me, my husband, a family of father, mother
, son and bubbly daughter-in-law (Ipoh)
a young husband from Singapore and his pregnant wife,
and the tour guide Mr Ge Chong An in yellow shirt.

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