Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Day in Taiwan : Beef and Mutton Ramen Soup

Hello from Taiwan!!
Hahaha! We are now in Taiwan, just the two of us!
After all the planning, it was left to the two of us on this trip from 10 to 14 March, thereafter we will be joining the rest of the Rotary members from 15 to 18 onwards.
So, here I am at our hotel, the Tao Yuan Holiday Inn Express. 

Holiday Inn Express Taoyuan

Comfortable hotel right in the busy street centre of Tao Yuan town.

 when we came out for dinner it was freezing! To us anyway.....actually it was raining, wet, gloomy windy and cold, and this is only 6.30 pm!
 So we just ran across the road to this Ramen shop for some hot soup to fortify our souls!

 wow! so good!!! I ordered beef ramen (110 taiwan dollar) mutton ramen (small, same price) and side dish of tofu and century egg, (pei tan)
 tofu and peitan came first, the soft white tofu was icy cold, drenched in black sauce, topped with Idon'tknowwhat shavings, leaves and a perfect century egg. For 30 Taiwan $ it was good!!!
The beef ramen, but due to miscommunication, it was not beef but beef tripe, nevermind, he had it anyway, like ngau nam meen in KL, but delicious and comforting with two chunks of radish.
 My mutton ramen was fantastic! soft, generous servings of mutton hot flavoursome soup, and of course two chunks of radish.
 wow!!! I slurped all the soup, gobbled the mutton (needs little chewing) and shared the ramen with HIM!!! ramen had bite and was home made......
 went round taking shots of the other things that you can have with your ramen...offals of cow and goat...I don't know what, if you see the order from below which is in chinese, you will know what is what, if you read chinese of course.

 cartilage, ear maybe
 hard boiled eggs
 beef with five spice herbs
 long queue of cutomers
 the three Taiwanese hard at work, because there were a lot of customers
 she is choosing and cutting the meat to fulfill the orders
yummy soup

this is the order form, and I had the beef ramen, mutton ramen and taufu century egg.
name and tel number of the shop if you are interested!
Highly recommended by us!!

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